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How to Plan for Your Family Photoshoot!

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Do you get nervous about your big family photoshoot? Here are four ways you can prepare for an amazing experience!

You've scheduled the day but now you are looking at your wonderful family and wondering how are you going to get everyone to cooperate?! Your husbands alma mater is playing that evening, your kids think this is giant ruse to embarrass them when there friends come over, and all you want more than anything is to have the memories of the love you all share captured in perfect focus! Is that too much to ask?

It absolutely isn't! In fact, with a little preparation your family photoshoot won't be chore, but will be one of the most fun experiences you've had as a family.

#1 Hire a photographer who breaks the ice!

Getting in front of a camera is not something most people do on a regular basis. Let alone think about posing and smiling and pretending to feel comfortable.

Which is why your photographer should never force you to pretend. Hire a photographer who breaks the ice and gets your family talking and laughing before they start taking photos. A good photographer will ask your family fun questions to get you engaged with one another. Before you know it you'll be laughing and hugging onto one another and your photographer will go to work capturing the candid natural responses you have to one another.

#2 Eat something before your photoshoot!

No one likes being hungry. Hangry faces are hard to edit in photoshop. So make sure that everyone who is going to be in your photoshoot gets a snack beforehand.

This is especially true of kids! Photoshoots are very unnatural environments at first for the most seasoned adults but kids need time to warm up even more. Make sure your kiddos have had a good snack and something to drink before arriving to your shoot. But! Don't forget to brush your teeth!

#3 Let your photographer know your expectations before the shoot.

Over communicating your desires to your photographer beforehand will set you up for success. You can work through outfits, locations, and the general vibe that you want to accomplish so that when the big day comes your professional camera man is ready to deliver.

Before your shoot your photographer should be communicating with you and asking you detailed questions about what you'd like your photoshoot to be like.

#4 Don't overthink, enjoy yourself and have fun!

Similar to number one, once you arrive on site, trust your photographer and enjoy yourself. You look amazing and your family does too! Now leave it to the professional you just hired to break the ice and create a fun environment! Before you know it you'll be wondering where all the time has gone.

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