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Age:  34

I've been married for over 8 years to my gorgeous wife Michelle and we have two sons and one daughter. My wife helps manage my clients and calendar. She's epic!


Interesting things about me:  I am a pastor at The Oasis Church,  I love Jiu Jitsu, obviously I'm into photography, and I love training Labradors


Let's get to know each other. Below is a description of who I am as a photographer. If you have any questions about a photoshoot, please don't hesitate to reach out.

What Type of Photographer Am I?  

Portrait photography in natural light is my wheelhouse. I shoot all over southern Arizona and am always excited to try new things. 


While I love natural light, I also employ many tools such as off camera flashes, reflectors, and shades to get the perfect picture. 


What type of Photography do I shoot? 

I do all kinds of photography (check out my services page for a full list) from your bread and butter candid portraits to glamor shots for my instagram clients. 

My family shoots are focused on your vision for your family and capturing all the candid moments that show your authenticity and true joy. I love capturing the emotions of love and happiness when you get families together having fun. 

What am I doing besides photography?

I am a pastor at a church here in Tucson, when I'm not doing photography, it is my joy to serve Jesus!



Tel: (832) 732-4515

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