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What to Ask Your Photographer Before Your Shoot

This is your big day! You've invested your time and money into capturing your family, your portraits and it needs to be done right! Here is a list of questions to help you and your photographer get on the same page so that you get the best experience during your shoot and are overjoyed with your final product.


  1. What day is the photoshoot?

  2. Where will we be shooting?

  3. Do we need to pay for parking?

  4. How much time will the photoshoot take?

  5. What time of day is the photoshoot?

  6. Why are we scheduling so late in the day? (Golden light!)

  7. What happens if we are running late?

  8. If something comes up, how far ahead notice do you need for us to cancel to get our deposit back?

  9. How early should we arrive to the shoot?

  10. How strict are you on time?

Clothing and Props

  1. What extra items should we bring? (blankets, props, etc.)

  2. How many outfit changes are able to fit into our photoshoot?

  3. Do you have any restrictions on clothing? (Not all photographers are comfortable with revealing clothing)

  4. Here is my vision for what we want the shoot to look like, do you think that will work?

Direction and Posing

  1. What should we do once we get on site?

  2. Can we make suggestions for poses? (yes!)

  3. Will you tell us what to do?

  4. What if my kids aren't getting into it? What do we do?

  5. What if my husband isn't getting into it? What do we do?!

Editting Style

  1. Do you edit a specific way, or are you open to different styles?

  2. Can you do light and airy photos?

  3. Can you do dark and moody photos?

  4. Can you do vivid photos?

  5. How long do you usually take to edit albums?

  6. Will I get to choose my favorites or do you just give me an album?

Payment and Album Delivery

  1. When do I pay you for your services?

  2. How will I receive my photos?

  3. How will I access my photos?

  4. How long will it take to receive my album?

  5. Do you have a deposit to secure dates?

  6. Do you have a refund policy for deposits in the case of cancellations?

  7. How do I pay you? (Cash, check, Venmo, etc.)

  8. Do you have any promotions or discounts to earn more photos?

Remember! You are hiring a professional. They should be able to walk you through any of these questions confidently and make you feel comfortable and at ease. Their job is to help you have an amazing experience while capturing all the love, joy, and passion that you makes you... you!!!

What questions did we miss? Comment below and let us know.

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